SMS Marketing

SMS Text Marketing Facts & Benefits


According to researchers, 73% of consumers would like to receive special offers on their mobile devices – but they are not getting them.

Offers made via SMS text marketing have consistently got response rates up to 20% – that’s 10 times more than traditional advertising methods such as email, direct mail, and newspaper ads which usually get around a 2%-3% response rate.

Consumers almost always have their mobile phone by their side, which means that they will receive your message no matter where they are.

Studies show that approximately 90% of consumers read their mobile text messages within minutes.

Research shows that 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons.

SMS text marketing has shown to be successful in most business models and has been utilized most for retail, promotions, communication, and appointment setting.

Studies show that mobile coupons will become more relevant over the next several years.

Analysts are predicting that SMS text marketing will eventually be the preferred method of servicing customers and clients with things such as appointment reminders, surveys, self-help services, and more.

Using QR codes is the perfect way to make it quick and convenient for your audience to opt-in to your SMS list.

SMS text marketing is a “permission-based” form of marketing where the customer initiates things by texting in a keyword to join your list. In exchange for their subscription, you can offer them an incentive, such as a coupon, free goods, free information, etc. Once the person has subscribed to your text messages, they are now a part of your list and will receive all of your future marketing text messages.

SMS text marketing puts your subscribers at ease because they can opt-out of your list at any time. However, since they opted-in to join your list, most of them WANT to receive your messages.

SMS text messages can go viral, which means they can spread like wildfire. This is because your subscribers will often forward your offers to friends and family, which will give you more exposure and more sales.

SMS text marketing allows you to reduce your advertising costs while increasing sales and customer loyalty at the same time. This method is inexpensive compared to other marketing methods and usually gets a much higher response rate.

With SMS text marketing, you can reach a group of people who are interested in knowing about your products and services within minutes.

SMS text marketing helps you to establish two-way communication between you and your customers.

G3 Media sms gateway offers you the ability to –

  • Create Custom SMS Campaigns on the fly that pull customers into the sales funnel.
  • Run keyword campaigns, contests, polls, viral texting (Exclusive Patent Pending Technology), loyalty, surveys, web forms, lead notification and more.
  • Every campaign allows you to setup and send automated text messages for subscribers, resubscribers and opt outs.
  • Can also post sms results to a 3rd party script to trigger an event whether it be disarming your businesses alarm to notifying a sales CRM of a new lead.
  • On the cutting edge of new regulations coming in the future.  We are the ONLY SMS Gateway that has Double Optin  capability
  • Set automatic expiration of text offers and coupons
  • Automatic auto responder that follows up on a schedule you set, send weekly or daily coupons with one click
  • Split test two SMS campaigns at once, see what pulls customers to your business
  • Industry first, Logical SMS Directives that allow you to dynamically assign subscribers into new campaign flows based on responses.
  • More features added dynamically to your system…and its FREE!
  • All campaigns include, custom campaign notes, custom auto responder’s, subscriber list tracking and graphical reporting, data import & export, and full training.